We gave food and clothes to orphans

The days are counting down to Akela 2016! Let’s hear from Banele Mnganga (10) from 1st Sithandiwe Cub Pack in KwaZulu-Natal.

SSA: Why is Cubbing so much fun?
Going to Cubs and learning new things from Akela is very fun!

SSA: What was your best experience with Cubs?
My best experience was when we went to Gooweng.

SSA: What is the weirdest thing you ate outdoors?
Once I ate bush berries on the field.

SSA: What was the toughest challenge at Cubs?
The toughest challenge for me was when we went to do the obstacle course.

SSA: Can you name a few things you have learnt by being a Cub?
I learnt to respect others.

SSA: What things have you done with Cubs to help people in your community?
We went to give food and clothes to orphans.

SSA: What did you teach your mum that you learned at Cubs?
I taught my mum how to do the garden.

SSA: What makes a good Akela?
A good Akela is always happy.

SSA: Why is your Akela special?
Mu Akela is special because she helps others.

Cubbing Rocks because … the Cubs don’t fight.

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