All the challenges that we do together are the best!

This year we are celebrating 100 years of Cubbing worldwide. We spoke to Todd Jacobs (10) from 1st Muizenberg Cub Pack in the Western Cape.

Todd Jacobs photoSSA: Why is Cubbing so much fun?
Cubbing is great because we play so fun games and also because of Kontiki.

SSA: What was your best experience with Cubs?
Making things like a flower out of a card board roll and all the challenges that we do together are my best experiences.

SSA: What is the weirdest thing you ate outdoors?
The weirdest thing I ate outdoors was flour.

SSA: What was the toughest challenge at Cubs?
The toughest challenge is keeping my Six quiet and under control.

SSA: What was the most amazing place you visited with Cubs?
The most amazing place was Soet Water where we went on a camp with 1st Meadowridge.

SSA: Can you name a few things you have learnt by being a Cub?
I have learnt how to make a fire, how to light a candle, how to make a lamp as well as how to make a flower by using toilet rolls.

SSA: What things have you done with Cubs to help people in your community?
Once we did a beach cleanup.

SSA: What did you teach your mum that you learned at Cubs?
I taught my mum how to make the flowers.

SSA: What makes a good Akela?
A good Akela is responsible, kind and loving towards the others.

SSA: Why is your Akela special?
My Akela is special because she is kind to the others.

Cubbing Rocks because … you get to learn a lot!

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