Cubs teaches kids skills and gets them off the streets

Akela 2016 kicks off today! Who are the volunteers behind the scene that are making this fabulous event happen? We spoke to Guy Berrington, the District Commissioner for West Rand and Akela 2016 Sub Camp Chief.

guySSA: How long have you been involved in the Scouting Movement?
 I have been involved in the Scouting Movement for over 15 years!

SSA: Why did you join Cubbing?
I joined the Scouting Movement because I enjoy working with children.

SSA: Name one of the most meaningful memories you have of your time in Cubbing?
Being called “Baden-Powell” is one of the most meaningful memories I have.

SSA: What drives you to be of service to children?
To teach them skills and also to get them off the streets is what drives me to serve to children.

SSA: What makes a good Akela / Pack Scouter?
Somebody who is prepared to be involved with the young youth and who can delegate tasks.

SSA: What are you personally looking forward to for Akela 2016?
I am really looking forward to meeting new people and faces!

SSA: What do you hope Akela 2016 achieves?
I hope everyone has fun!

SSA: Lastly, we asked 100 Cubs what the weirdest thing is that they have eaten whilst on a camp. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten outdoors?
Spaghetti described on the menu as brains…That was weird!