The training I received as a Cub still helps me today!

Akela 2016 kicks off today! Who are the volunteers behind the scene that are making this event happen? We spoke to Peter le Roux who is the Akela 2016 Outdoor Activities Coordinator. Here he tells us about his time as a Cub.

peter le rouxSSA: How long have you been involved in the Scouting Movement?
I have been involved for over 27 years.

SSA: Why did you join the Cubbing branch?
When I was in Grade 2, I saw my friends in uniform at school for BP day, I went along to find out what they were doing on Friday afternoons.

SSA: Name one of the most meaningful memories you have of your time in Cubbing?
My first Cub camp- at the dormitories at Suikerbosrand in 1989. We heard baboons in the campsite overnight, went hiking on the ridge, and made breakfast for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

SSA: What drives you to be of service to children?
The Scouting Movement has made a huge difference to me as a person and my life. The training I received in Cubs still helps me to this day.

SSA: What is the nicest thing a Cub has ever said to you?
Years after they left Cubs: “I started a hiking club at school because of what I learned at Cubs”

What makes a good Akela / Pack Scouter?
Enthusiasm, patience and a sense of humor!

SSA: What are you personally looking forward to for Akela 2016?
Looking forward to the exchange of ideas between Pack Scouters from all over the country and the world.

SSA: What do you hope Akela 2016 achieves?
I am excited about the community service projects. I hope they are the start of a long lasting involvement with the community.

SSA: Lastly, we asked 100 Cubs what the weirdest thing is that they have eaten whilst on a camp. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten outdoors?
We once made a slab of rice on a night hike- we cooked rice and left it in the water for 6 hours- by the time we took it out to eat it, it had turned into a solid, sticky mass.