Let’s embrace the opportunities coming our way

Message from the Chief Scout

2017 has come and gone, leaving us all a little older and hopefully a little wiser.  If some of our past highlights are any indication, we as a Scouting family will have many new opportunities coming our way.

From sustaining growth across the country, to the emergence of several new and very promising leaders in the Regions, to the first Sanjamb in 14 years, to our first National Lekgotla and our first democratically elected Board, 2017 was a year of positive change.  Much of this has been behind the scenes, and it will be some time before the impacts of these changes are felt.

As an Exco we have made a commitment both to you the Groups, Scouts and Scouters we serve, as well as your Board, that 2018 will be a year of action. We intend to use this year to build on where we have got in the past year.  One of our major focuses will be improving the communications to, and more importantly from, the Groups on the ground. Watch this space for some exciting news!

A start to this will be sharing the strategy that was developed from the inputs of Groups that was received at the Lekgotla.  We listened and we heard!  Without question our current financial situation is going to make it hard to complete everything we would like to do, but with the committed and passionate team we have I know we will do our best with the limited resources we have.  After all a Scout is Thrifty!

To get it all done we will be asking for people to step up to help with a bit here or a bit there as your skills, time and resources permit.  Please don’t be shy.  We can change the world, one child at a time, but without you we can’t even start.

May you have a blessed New Year and make 2018 a time of continued efforts to leave the world a better place.

Yours in Scouting

Chief Scout
SCOUTS South Africa