“I believe wholeheartedly in Scouting”

Earlier this year Joy Hutchinson took on the role of Chair: National Adult Resources. Joy is well known within South African Scouting circles for her love for Scouting and endless dedication to youth. “I live, sleep and eat Scouting,” she says with a smile. “I believe wholeheartedly in what Scouting stands for. I cannot think of a better youth movement that builds a well-rounded individual.”

Joy has a teaching heart and has poured that passion into Scouting since she joined the Movement in 1997 as a Pack helper at 9th Benoni where her eldest son was a Cub. “Both my mom and sister were Girl Guides so I knew and understood the fundamentals of the movement from a young age. I became a Brownie in 1963 for about 2 years. I knew all along that one day I would join to help. So when my son joined 9th Benoni Cub Pack I volunteered as a Pack helper for a few months and was then invested on Mother’s Day as an APS in 1998” she explains. From 2000 to 2012 Joy took on the role of Pack Scouter. “We ran a very successful Cub Pack with a full complement of Cubs”, she says with pride. “I have many happy and memorable memories, but I think a very special one that stands out for me from that time is when 9th Benoni sponsored 2 Guide Dogs. We met the guide dogs as puppies and followed their progress. This really touched my heart” she reminisces.

But Joy hasn’t only focused her attention on children she has also held the position of East Rand ADC and has been a member of the Gauteng Training team for many years. Currently she is a Lead Trainer. On a National level Joy has been the liaison for foreign Scouts who wanted to get in touch with SSA members through her role on the International Committee which she has held for the past 4 years.” this too has been an absolute pleasure and I truly can say I loved every minute of it!”

In her current role as Chair: National Adult Resources Joy strives for “effective and efficient resource management to ensure that Scouters are motivated and enthusiastic to continue on their Scouting journey and to ensure that Scouters are appreciated and recognized accordingly” she states.” I would also like to encourage our adult volunteers to Be proud to be a volunteer. Enjoy what you do. Have fun! Go about your tasks and duties as a proud Scouter and instil in others what it is like to “do your best, to be prepared for service”.”

As an adult volunteer I have had so many wonderful opportunities and carry so many cherished memories. “The camaraderie and friendship of each and every Pow Wow that I attended, the friends I have made around the world and the Swedish World Scout Jamboree in 2011 are but a few. In December 2014 I was very privileged to receive a Certificate of Merit and in February 2017, the Long Service Medal.”

Luke and Matthew

When not at Scouting, Joy has enjoyed a successful administrative career in multiple finance and HR departments in the corporate field. She has a secretarial diploma and has studied part time through Unisa majoring in education and psychology.
In addition to Scouting my personal highlights are without a doubt my two wonderful boys. We struggled for 7 years to have children but eventually Luke arrived and 3 years later, Matthew. They are the loves of my life. Luke achieved his Springbok Scout award in 2008 and Matthew completed his Scouting when he turned 18 – both at 9th Benoni Scout Group.”

After all these years is there still something about Joy that not many of us know… “In my “spare” time, I knit teddy bears for the tiny babies who have been abandoned.”