COVID-19 Awareness Badge

SCOUTS SA has introduced a COVID-19 Awareness Badge for all youth branches.

Expected educational outcomes:

  1. Members inform themselves about COVID-19 and incorporate universal health/hygiene practices into their daily lives to be safe from harm.
  2. Members share factual information about COVID-19 with their families, neighbours and communities as a Good Turn/Public Service.
  3. Members understand the importance of being prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually for emergencies, natural disasters and unforeseen situations in order to mitigate loss of life, property, communication and livelihoods.

Badge evaluation and testing:

  1. To keep within the “Stay at Home” guidelines of the World Health Organization, adult leaders may perform badge-testing via phone calls, WhatsApp, video clips, emails, Skype, Zoom, etc.
  2. Meerkats, Cubs or Scouts also may be tested by a parent or other adult. In such cases, written, photographed, voice-recorded or video-recorded proof must be provided to the relevant uniformed leader for review.
  3. Rovers should present their work to their Crew Council or RS for approval.

COVID-19 Meerkat Requirements:

  1. Name five (5) symptoms of COVID-19 infection.
  2. Make a poster showing five (5) ways to prevent infection by COVID-19. Display it at home.
  3. Explain the meaning of the terms lockdown, social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine.
  4. Demonstrate the proper way to wash hands with soap and running water to kill germs.
  5. Show how to cough or sneeze into one’s own elbow and a handkerchief.

 COVID-19 Cub Requirements:

  1. Describe what COVID-19 is.
  2. Name six signs and symptoms of the virus.
  3. Create a poster showing how we can protect ourselves against the virus. Display your poster at home.
  4. Explain what the following terms mean:
    • lockdown
    • social distancing
    • quarantine
  5. Explain why it is important to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.
  6. Demonstrate the correct way to wash your hands with soap and running water to kill germs.
  7. Demonstrate how to wear a cloth mask correctly.

COVID-19 Scout Requirements:

  1. Discuss COVID-19 with a parent, other adult or adult leader.  Explain:
    • what is a virus
    • how the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 were named
    • how COVID-19 is spread
    • symptoms of infection
    • methods and measures to prevent infection, and
    • ‘flattening the curve’
  2. List the steps to take if a person exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Memorize the national emergency hotline number to call for advice.
  3. Make a poster explaining the concepts of a disease epidemic versus a disease pandemic. Display it at home.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Build a Tippy-Tap and demonstrate the correct procedure for washing hands with soap and water. Proof must be provided.
    • Make a two-minute video demonstrating five or more ways to prevent infection by COVID-19 (one method must be the correct way of washing hands with soap and water).
  5. Make a simple face mask using materials found at home and demonstrate how to wear it.
  6. Explain to your adult leader how the Scout Motto (“Be Prepared”) relates to the outbreak of COVID-19 and any other unforeseen situation/emergency/natural disaster.

COVID-19 Rover Requirements:

  1. Research one of the following topics:
    • The global response to the COVID 19 pandemic and how Scouts/Scouting should play a role in addressing it.
    • The purpose of a nationwide State of Emergency during a health crisis, natural disaster or civil disorder.
    • How to deal positively with the closing of schools universities, businesses and houses of worship during a lockdown.
    • A topic of choice agreed upon by your Crew Council or Rover Scouter
  2. From the topics above: Create a digital slideshow OR multimedia video.
    Present this slideshow or video to your Crew, family members or neighbours who are self-isolating at home.
    The presentation/video should also include an introduction covering the following:

    • define novel coronavirus and COVID 19
    • relate how the virus has spread globally
    • describe symptoms and preventative measures for COVID 19
    • outline the actions taken by Government to respond to the crisis
  3. Design and implement a community service project OR awareness campaign relating to COVID 19.
    • The project/campaign should address one or more areas of human development: i.e. physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, character.
    • The project/campaign may be implemented in the community provided that a simple risk assessment is conducted to ensure the Rover’s safety; all relevant protocols are followed; permission to move about is granted by the proper authorities.
    • The project / campaign should contribute a minimum of 10 hours of active service.
  4. Complete the WOSM ‘Safe from Harm’ training.

Note: If possible, please share your videos/presentations with so we can enhance awareness and share knowledge.

With thanks to the Namibian Scout Association for giving us permission to use and adapt their COVID-19 programme.