Let’s celebrate the strength of our diversity together

Message from Chief Scout Brendon Hausberger

Today is a day to unite, to focus on how our diversity can strengthen us as a nation, and to celebrate the cultural wealth of South Africa, diverse in its people, traditions, cultural values, belief systems and ways of life.

As a South African and a brother to every other Scouting member, I want to encourage you all to step back from the rush of your fast-paced, routine lives and reflect on the true value and purpose of Heritage Day. Take a moment to acknowledge the varied cultures within our communities, and how in small or bigger ways we are all interconnected and influence each other. When you look at our cultures it’s clear that there are many more base values that we share, than differences that divide us.  Our late Scout Patron Nelson Mandela often pointed to the unifying power in embracing our varied cultural heritage. Today allows each of us to unite in sharing our heritage with others and in doing so, we can learn and value each other’s cultural traditions that have, and continue to mould each and every one of us.

Our unity in embracing diversity is one of the strengths of the Scout Movement. It is our duty as Scouters to teach our young members to be proud of who they are, and to recognise that there is value and strength in our diversity. If we can teach this to all our young people, this will positively impact the generations of citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders to come.

Two of the things that visitors to our shores often comment on are our ability to celebrate with music and dance, and our mastery of braaing. So whether you come together today around a braai or break out in song and the “Jerusalema dance”, I know you will take the time to reflect on embracing our differences so that together we can create a better world.

Your Chief Scout,

Click here to find the reguirements for SSA’s Diversity Awareness badge

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