You are our heroes of 2020!

Dear Scouters and Members,

We often talk about Scouting as a Movement that exists to create a better world and have a positive impact on the  lives of others.  Seldom has the world needed, or created, an opportunity for Scouts to be that impact as took place in this past year under the challenges, restrictions and burdens that COVID-19 and the lockdown brought us all.

But you – our members – were prepared, or soon got prepared, to be that helping hand, that encouraging voice, that much-needed intervention.  You brought food and sustenance to people, ensured that people got access to sanitation, provided encouragement and enthusiasm to people in dark places, provided Rover, Scout, Cub and Meerkat programmes at home, trained adults and shared knowledge and fun.

Thank you for epitomising what Scouting means and can be!

As volunteers you stepped up and did this, did it while handling your personal life and work challenges, putting others first and making a difference.  You are our heroes of 2020! Thank you for epitomising what Scouting means and can be, not only in the lives of our members but also in the lives of our communities and country.

In acknowledgement of your contributions, we recognise our heroes for going above and beyond.  We will be making awards and thanks at upcoming regional events in 2021 to acknowledge those, young and old, who have stepped into the fray and who been the change they wanted to see.

We know that with numbers on the rise again, the need for our service has not ended. We will continue to acknowledge and recognise our heroes as they stand up.

Thank you for your service to the people of South Africa.

Yours in Scouting,

Brendon Hausberger
Chief Scout