Updated Scout Badge Book!

SCOUTS South Africa is pleased to announce the release of the updated Scout Badge Book on the Scout Wiki. The book will be published later in the year after members have had the opportunity to give feedback.

All Scoutcraft and Interest badges have been reviewed and updated where relevant. Seven new Scoutcraft and six new Interest badges have been added to the mix to ensure that our badges fit into the everyday lives of the modern day Scout. 

Seven new Scoutcraft badges are available: Drone Operator, Entrepreneurship, Geocaching, Heritage, Hobbies, Oarsman and Charts (marine navigation & maps).

Drone Operator







Six new Interest badges have been added: Amateur Radio Operator, Beekeeper, Charting, Drone Pilot, Entrepreneur, and Geocaching.

The Beekeeper badge was originally part of the Farmer badge. However, with the increased global focus on the plight of the honey bee it is now a badge on its own. The other Interest badges are aligned to some of the more current interests of our Scouts.

Amateur Radio Operator



Drone Operator



Another change that should be mentioned is the swopping around of two current badges: Artist and Designer. It was felt that these two badges would be better suited by swopping them around. Therefore the two badges are as follows:



We have also updated the design of the following badges:  Metal Worker and Watermanship.

Metal Worker


While undertaking the review, it was felt that some badge names were a bit antiquated, thus 16 badge names have been changed.

Old Badge Name New Badge Name
Backwoodsman Survival
Civil Defence Disaster Risk Management
Fisherman Fishing
Handyman Home Maintenance
Horseman Equestrian
Craftsman Handcrafts
Motorboatman Powerboating
Boatman Oarsman
Physical Fitness Personal Fitness
Sportsman Sports
Philatelist Stamp Collector
Numismatist Coin Collector
Marksman Sharpshooter
Cameraman Videographer
Weatherman Weathercaster
Woodcraftsman Woodcrafts

The Challenge Awards give Scouts the opportunity to gain an additional skill. Currently they include PLTU, Cub and Meerkat Instructor, Water Charge, Water Awareness, Scout Wings and Air Charge. It should be noted that the charges will now be called licences, i.e. Water Activities Licence and Air Activities Licence. Like the Water Awareness Licence, a new Air Awareness Licence has now been introduced.

All the changes to the Scoutcraft and Interest badges, along with the introduction of new badges and Challenge Awards, have been implemented or introduced to ensure that the Scout Programme remains dynamic and progressive. Comments may be sent to info@scouts.org.za, subject line Scout Badge Book. Find the badges on the Scout Wiki here.

A huge thanks to the RTC Scout Programme from the various Regions and to Mr JP Percival who was instrumental in updating the Scout badges.

Yours in Scouting,

Gerard Evans
Chair: National Scout Programme

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