Let’s give youth the opportunity to create a better world

A few years ago we received a message from a Scout supporter in Italy. His name is Filippo Bagarolo. We started talking about the impact of Scouting in South Africa and since then he has become a true Friend to Scouting. From liking and sharing the achievements of our members to joining the Friends of Scouting programme where he financially contributes to the sustainabily of Scouting.

This is Filippo’s story:

“My name is Filippo Bagarolo and I reside in a small village to the south of the city of Padova. Padova is about 40kms from Venice, a world famous Italian tourist attraction. I work in a local bank and really enjoy reading and playing the flute. I am a volunteer for the Red Cross as well as a local organisation that serves people with disabilities. And, deep in my heart, I am a Scout.

I’ve know about Scouting since I was a child. At the time we could either attend the local Scout Group or a parish group. I was in the second one as some of my class mates – who unfortunately did not behave well – were in Scouting. I remember being very sad about it, because I knew the Scout Law and Promise. It was not easy for me to see that they did not live up to either of them.

In my adult years I started learming more about the Order of Malta. I studied its history and found out more about its activities, more specifically those from the Order’s relief organisation “Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard” that operates in the disadvantaged community of Sundumbili in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa . I started to gain a deeper understanding of people’s needs and felt a connection to the country. Tapping back into my knowledge about Scouting I started following the difference Scouting makes in your communities, as well as through your partner organisation Keep the Dream 196. I follow your activities on Facebook and I am proud to be part of the SA Scout family.

If adult Scouts really trust in the Law and Promise, the impact on children and youth will be great and wonderful.

Scouting is a way of life that needs a daily commitment. If adult Scouts really trust in the Law and Promise, the impact on children and youth will be great and wonderful. Children believe in good rolemodels, they witness the behaviour of their leaders and copy it.

I also believe that it is very important to give children and youth the chance to plan and lead projects from a young age. Planning and leading are fundamental skills for life, above all in a globalized world. If they make mistakes during the activities, they can understand where they went wrong and learn how to do it better, without fear of being judged. These skills can also be very useful for the growth of civil communities.

Unfortunately I am not formally a Scout, but I am a Scout in my heart. I think that Scouting is a very good way to grow up and become a good person, a good citizen, a good father/mother, etc. When I found out about the Friends of Scouting programme it made sense to me to try and help. I hope my contributions to support rural communities can make a difference in the lives of some of the children that sometimes can not follow this path because they can not pay the annual fee.

We have to trust in our younger generations. We have to give them the opportunities to create a new better world. If a child grows up as a good Scout, they will be able to help their family and the whole community. And when they become adults, they will be able to have a good family and in turn raise their children well too. In this way I think we can change the society. This is why I would encourage others to support Scouting in South Africa too.

I know that the past years have been hard for people around the world. Many youths have lost hope in fulfilling their dreams. I just want to remind them to never lose hope. We have to work hard to fulfil our dreams and potential. It is a life-long quest.

To Scouts out there, I suggest you study hard and do your best every day of your life. Personally that is what keeps me going. Trying to make people happier. And I believe that one day I will be able to fulfil my dreams: travel the world, join a Scout Group and wear a Scout scarf!”

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