Motivated to give members a great Scouting experience!

Written by Aimée Granzier, SSA Youth Influencer Eastern Cape South

Jimmy De Scande was recently appointed as the new Easter Cape South Regional Commissioner. At a local event I sat down with Jimmy to find out more about our new RC.

“My Scouting journey began in 1999 when my youngest son, James, began to show an interest in the local Scout Group.  I had never been a Cub or a Scout and tried my best to explain what Scouting was all about”, says Jimmy with a smile. “I told him that they do camping, make fires, hike, learn how to tie knots and play games. My son’s response was ”I think I’d like to do that!”. Before I knew it, we found ourselves at the 1st Walmer Scout Group and James was being invested as a Cub.

At that stage, the Cub Pack consisted of 4 Cubs and their Pack Scouter. Like most parents, I hovered around during Cub meeting, eager to see what went on and pretty soon I was drawn in as the Assistant Pack Scouter. When the Pack Scouter emigrated, I became the Pack Scouter.

I was drawn in by the positive influence the Scouting Movement has on its members. As 1st Walmer grew, I gained more help and progressed to the role of Group Chairman, and then Scout Group Leader”, he continues.

Implementing projects to give members a great Scout experience is motivating!

When asked what keeps him motivated to remain involved in Scouting, Jimmy’s answer is clear and simple. “The continuous roll out of various projects and dreaming about the next projects we could tackle to give our members a great Scouting experience is very motivating.”

“After two decades of Scouting there have been many memorable moments”, he reminisces. “From watching my son grow in Scouting and progress to obtaining his Springbok Award, to watching 1st Walmer improve as renovation projects were finished, and quite recently, observing the dream of the 1st Walmer grounds becoming Gilbaakens slowly unfold and become a reality.” It is this awe inspiring motivation for improvement for the good of the Scout Movement that compelled Jimmy to take on the position of Regional Commissioner when it became available. “Like any person, I contemplated the commitment necessary to fulfil this position while juggling my other responsibilities, such as being the Scout Group Leader at 1st Walmer. After some thought, I realised that the Group is in a good position with strong leadership, and that I was needed in a RC position to help better the Eastern Cape South Region.”

Jimmy is ambitious and already has some goals in mind. “We are busy building a Regional Scouting Structure with initial emphasis on appointing District Commissioners and a Training Team. This would improve efficiency in Scouting for Eastern Cape South.”

We welcome Jimmy as he takes on his new position as Regional Commissioner for Eastern Cape South. We are excited to see him actualise his goals of positive changes as he works towards improvement in the Region. Scanc

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