Congratulations to our youth!

SCOUTS South Africa is a volunteer driven organisation. Without the dedicated service of our volunteers and the passion and excitement of our members to acquire new skills, we would not be the Movement we are today.

We want to increase our volunteer recognition and acknowledge the efforts our youth are making to better themselves. Therefore, once per term we will send out an announcement where we name our highest award recipients. Later in the year we will be including our Adult Award recipients and our Meerkats!

We congratulate the following Cubs, Scouts, and Rovers for their outstanding achievement and look forward to seeing them thrive as they continue their journeys both within and outside of the Scout Movement.

2022 Leaping Wolf Recipients

Ackermann Joshua Fairlands Air Scouts Gauteng 03.03.2022
Adlard Iris 1st Pinelands Western Cape 18.01.2022
Barter Adam Joel 2nd Plumstead Western Cape 24.02.2022
Bega Cameron 1st Randhart Gauteng 03.03.2022
Bhikha Mihir Pravin Surat Hindoo KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Botha Grace 1st Durbanville Western Cape 31.01.2022
Bouwer James 1st Ballito KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Bruton James Anthony 1st Howick KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Cotton Benjamin Luke 1st Bergvliet Western Cape 18.01.2022
Du Bois Evert 1st Hilton KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Du Plessis Jack 1st Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Dube Ariel Sibusiso 1st Port Natal KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Endres Josephine Elizabeth 6th Rondebosch Western Cape 17.03.2022
Feyt Ashleigh 1st Margate KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Goldstein Alaric 1st Bergvliet Western Cape 24.02.2022
Gosney Lily 37th Springvale Gauteng 03.03.2022
Graham Matthew 1st Bergvliet Western Cape 24.01.2022
Gunning Luke 1st Ballito KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Hari Akshay Southern Wolves Gauteng 03.03.2022
Harwood Ryan 2nd Rondebosch Western Cape 17.03.2022
Holmes David 3rd Claremont Western Cape 14.02.2022
Jack Joanna 2nd Plumstead Western Cape 24.02.2022
Jackson Joshua 1st Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Jewell Kevin 1st Rosebank Gauteng 03.03.2022
Johnson Joshua DK Western Cape 07.02.2022
Johnson Liam 1st Randhart Gauteng 03.03.2022
Kilian Teagan 1st Eagles Gauteng 03.03.2022
Ladner Daniel 1st Hillcrest KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Le Roux Dayna 1st Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Marlow Emily 1st Kempton Park Gauteng 03.03.2022
Mihaylov Milan 1st Bryanston Gauteng 03.03.2022
Moodley Reolan Bush Hill Gauteng 03.03.2022
Morar Darsheel Surat Hindoo KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Nicholl Keira 1st Milnerton Western Cape 31.03.2022
Patel Talin Surat Hindoo KwaZulu-Natal 23.02.2022
Pierce Luke 1st Rosebank Gauteng 03.03.2022
Pietersen Robert 1st Polokwane Limpopo 17.01.2022
Potjes Maria – Lucia 1st Craighall Gauteng 07/03/2022
Rikhotso Neo 6th Benoni Gauteng 03.03.2022
Ritsch Alex DK Western Cape 07.02.2022
Seccombe Jemma 1st Rosebank Gauteng 03.03.2022
September Gorgio 1st Bellville South Western Cape 08.04.2022
Snyman Wilhelm 1st Stellenbosch Western Cape 08.04.2022
Snyman Peter 1st Stellenbosch Western Cape 08.04.2022
Thies Carter Fairlands Air Scouts Gauteng 03.03.2022
Van Niekerk Cadyn 6th St Andrews Gauteng 03.03.2022
Van Zyl Albert 1st Blaauwberg Western Cape 15/03/2022
Venter Luca 2nd Hout Bay Western Cape 18.01.2022
Webb Duncan 1st Rosebank Gauteng 03.03.2022
Wicks Eli John 1st Greenside Gauteng 03.03.2022

2022 Springbok Award Recipients

Andrews Luke Mitchell 9th Pretoria Gauteng 18.01.2022
Ashley Cooper Sheth Richard 9th/16th Cape Town Western Cape 17.02.2022
Ashworth Thomas 2nd Hout Bay Western Cape 24.01.2022
Bellis Catherine Lindiwe 8th PTA St Albans Gauteng 18.01.2022
Carter Charles 2nd Rondebosch Western Cape 24.01.2022
Evans Jenna 1st Edenvale Gauteng 18.01.2022
Faure Oliver 2nd Rondebosch Western Cape 17.02.2022
Fernihough Leigh 1st Halfway House Gauteng 18.01.2022
Ferreira Kyle Harmelia Gardens Gauteng 01.12.2019
Freemantle Trevor Siyizinyoni KwaZulu-Natal 02.03.2022
Kojetin Luke 1st Kengray Gauteng 18.01.2022
Moseki Atlegang 1st Vaal Reef North West 16.02.2022
Plint Eduard 5th Colbyn Gauteng 13.04.2022
Rampersad Sohum Surat Hindoo KwaZulu-Natal 31.01.2022
Reinecke Jemma 8th Pretoria Gauteng 13.04.2022
Shihangule Mkondleteri 1st Shiluvane Limpopo 08.02.2022
Tshabalala Nandi Thandiwe 4th Durban KwaZulu-Natal 10.03.2022
Weston Megan Chloe Bush Hill Gauteng 13.04.2022

2022 BP Award Recipients

Granzier Aimee 1st Walmer Eastern Cape South 11.02.2022
Harzon Johann Wilhelm 6th Rondebosch Western Cape 08.04.2022
Hodgson Christopher Enigma Gauteng 13.04.2022
Klazinga Andrew Mark Ironwood Western Cape 08.04.2022
May Nicholas Ironwood Western Cape 08.04.2022