Are you ready for JOTAJOTI 2022?

Written by Theo Rijs, Chair: National Scout Programme

The largest International Scouting event in 2022 is coming soon from the 14th to the 16th of October , and you’re invited! Watch what JOTAJOTI is all about, Click Here.

  • JOTAJOTI is the world’s largest digital and radio Scout event promoting friendship and global citizenship, that takes place every year in October. It’s a great opportunity for Cub, Scouts, Rovers / Scout Groups to take part in an international Jamboree.
  • JOTAJOTI stands for:
    Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) – short wave radio communications through HAM amateur radio base stations; and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) – internet-based communications, with easy access on any connected device.
  • JOTAJOTI is organised by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).


JOTAJOTI 2022 is taking place from Friday 14th October to Sunday 16th October 2022.

Who can take part?

Two million+ Scouts take part in JOTAJOTI every year! Scouts take part from all over the world and join in either on the internet or over amateur radios. They take part in lots of fun activities and learn about each other’s countries.

Everyone can take part! JOTAJOTI is open to anyone and is for all ages – from Meerkat Dens, to Cub Packs, to Scout Troops and Rover Crews, or your whole Scout Group. You just need to register your Branch or Group on the JOTAJOTI website!

Scouts over the age of thirteen can register individually, but they need to make sure that their parents/guardians have been informed and that they know how to take part in the event safely.

Why take part?

Not every Scout gets to go to a World Scout Jamboree, but every Scout can participate in JOTAJOTI  – a unique international Scouting opportunity where one gets to speak to other Scouts from around the world, learn about another country or a global issue first-hand, and develop communication skills too. There’ll be lots of different activities to get involved in, both online and offline.

How to take part? 

The best way to take part in JOTAJOTI is to build it into an event about international Scouting / Scouts around the world, and/or communication. Why not plan a JOTAJOTI  themed camp or activity day for that weekend?

It’s not difficult to set up a JOTAJOTI  event at your Scout Hall. All you need is a couple of Cubs and Scouts, and a Scouter or a Rover or two to organise the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to have Den, Pack, Troop and Crew working together!!

Organise and run fun, themed-activities or a badge or two over the weekend. – Signaller, Electronic Engineer or Electrician interest badges always work well and are very popular.

Take part in the international game, JamPuz, (see below). Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is also a great opportunity to explore the phonetic alphabet and morse code. Run a Cub Cookout on the Saturday afternoon, or an Inter-Patrol Cooking Competition for the Scouts.

No need to run the entire weekend either – you’ll be able to tap into whichever parts of the international JOTAJOTI programme you’re interested in. You choose what days to run according to your Group’s schedule. The busiest times are on the Saturday when most JOTAJOTI activity takes place!

Because only one or two Scouts can go on air at the same time, it’s best to have some other activities on offer. Have some individual or small group activities / bases that can be done at any point, making sure that everyone always has something to do.

You might want to put Meerkats/Cubs/Scouts in smaller groups, so they can take turns communicating with Scouts around the world.

Ensure that there are enough adults to supervise the radio and online activities, as well as the additional activities that you have organised.

What to Expect?

Just like a face-to-face international World Scout Jamboree, the international JOTAJOTI programme usually has a whole range of activities to enjoy.

The dynamic programme comprises a variety of non-formal education activities, including webinars, global campfires, talent shows, live shows, fun challenges, JamPuz, games and more.

There’ll be some activities happening at set times and others that you can do yourselves at any time.

You’ll be able to make new Scouting friends as you make contact with other Scouts around the world. There are different ways you could communicate, including text-based chat, voice chat, video chat and social media.

If you want to go on-the-air, you’ll need a helping hand from someone who holds an amateur radio transmitting licence (HAM radio operator) to set up a JOTA station. There are plenty around the country. Your National JOTAJOTI Coordinator, Richard Hooper, can assist you with getting in touch with one of the local Amateur Radio Clubs. Details of local HAM radio clubs can be found on the South African Radio League’s website:

There’s a certain magic of the crackling airwaves! It’s an event that has something of a thrill about it for Scouts of all ages, becoming a highlight in the calendar for many.

JOTA Amateur Radio Handbook

Everything you need to know about JOTA, the Jamboree on the Air, can be found in the JOTA Amateur Radio Handbook (Ctrl +Click to follow the link)

If you are organising a JOTI only event, all you need is a computer and a good Internet connection. All the details are online and available to you when you register.


The JOTAJOTI 2022 programme will be announced in September! While you wait patiently for the full programme to be announced, have a sneak peek at the JOTAJOTI menu, which gives you a taste of what to expect at JOTAJOTI 2022. Start planning your own Troop / Group programme now and build your own JOTAJOTI ‘meal’ from a varied buffet of web-based and radio activities.

JamPuz – the jotajoti Puzzle Game

JamPuz (short for Jamboree Puzzle) is a key component of JOTAJOTI and can be used by those participating in the event using amateur radio and the internet. If you are communicating with other Scouts during JOTAJOTI then you can take part in JamPuz, which is a way to swap identity codes with other JOTAJOTI participants that you interact with. More information: JOTAJOTI website

Safe from Harm

Keeping young people Safe from Harm online is a top priority with JOTAJOTI 2022. Through chat moderation, ‘listening ears’, e-learning courses and a number of sessions about how to be safe online, all participants will have a positive and safe JOTAJOTI experience.

Make sure you supervise young people when they’re online and give them advice about staying safe. If you’re using electrical or radio equipment, ensure you get advice from a competent person about how to set up and use it safely.

Website and Social Media

Register for JOTAJOTI 2022 today!

  • Registration for this years’ JOTAJOTI event provides your Branch / Group access to the International JOTAJOTI Jamboree page.
  • You will be able to see at a glance all the registered stations from around the world and take part in the largest Scouting event to be held each year.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to contact other JOTAJOTI stations before the event and set up a dedicated time to make the contact. Start planning your event now!
  • Once registered, for either JOTA (Jamboree of the Air), or JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet), have a read through the requirements and decide what you are able to do.


A limited number of special JOTAJOTI event badges will be available from the National and Regional Scout Shops @ R18 per badge. These can be worn on your Scout uniform and later transferred to your campfire blanket, so don’t forget to place your order!

National JOTAJOTI Coordinator

The SCOUTS South Africa National JOTAJOTI Coordinator is Richard Hooper (ZS6RKE), Troop Scouter, Sandringham, Gauteng. Richard is a keen amateur radio operator and HAM enthusiast who has had many years of experience with JOTAJOTI.

For further information and assistance, or if you have any queries regarding JOTAJOTI 2022 registrations, your local HAM radio contact persons, etc. please contact Richard on 082 801 5006 or email

Fun Facts!

  • JOTAJOTI stands for Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet.
  • It’s usually pronounced so that JOTA rhymes with ‘rota’ and JOTI rhymes with ‘floaty’ or ‘goatee’.
  • JOTAJOTI is one of Scouting’s longest-running global events dating back more than 60 years to 1958.
  • Baden-Powell was an early radio enthusiast.
  • Scouts could earn a Radio Wireless Badge as early as 1923.
  • JOTA was joined by JOTI in 1997, and so JOTAJOTI was born.
  • There have been 64 JOTA Jamborees on the Air and 25 JOTI Jamborees on the Internet.
  • JOTAJOTI is the world’s largest virtual Scouting event and provides a chance to connect with thousands of fellow Scouts from over 172 countries.
  • At one JOTAJOTI , Scouts from Norfolk UK made radio contact with the International Space Station.