“A Wonderful World” National Meerkat Camp

Get ready for another fun-filled National Meerkat Camp facilitated by the National Meerkat Team on 5 and 6 November 2022. The camps are organised locally, but all have the same theme and our Scouters receive suggested activities that promote learning while playing and having fun. There are also moments where Dens and Meerkat Families around the country virtually link up to share the fun!

This year’s theme is “A Wonderful World”. The camp activities will encourage Meerkats to learn about the natural world that surrounds us in South Africa, and to celebrate other countries through their food and traditions.

In the Meerkat branch, camping can be done at home or with the Den, if facilities are available. Each Meerkat is involved in a full 24 hours of camping activities, sleeping overnight in a tent with a parent, or in a made-up fort at home. Not every Den or every family has the time or capability to undertake all activities offered at the camp. That is absolutely fine! The key national link-up moments can be found in the Camp Schedule below.

Camp in or Camp out!

During the National lock down outdoor camping for Meerkats was not possible. So national camp in events were organised, Now that we can get out and camp together, the National Meerkat Team is giving you two options to join the fun on 5 and 6 November 2022!

  • Camp In – Meerkats camp at home, following the schedule. They can pitch a tent in the garden or build a fort in the lounge. They watch the pre-recorded opening and closing sessions and campfire online.
  • Camp Out – Meerkats camp at a venue, following a schedule that could be adapted to local needs. Because viewing a screen in the open is not ideal, Scouters are asked to view the opening, closing and campfire in advance and to copy them in what they do on camp.

Sign Up

Den Scouters will collect names of who will be on the National Camp. Then details will be sent to attendees of the links and WhatsApp.

Zoom and WhatsApp

In order to create a sense of national community, both options will have an opportunity for Meerkats to Zoom/WhatsApp into small groups for half an hour. Photos will also be sent on WhatsApp to your Den Scouter who can send some to Regional or National WhatsApps.

Please be aware that if you share photos through the WhatsApp Groups, that you are giving us permission to share the photos of your children on our Regional and National websites and social media, and use in SSA’s marketing endeavors.


There is no cost for the camp from National’s side. Dens that are camping out will arrange other costs locally. After the event, National Meerkat Camp badges will be available to those who participated in the camp. Your Den Scouter will need to order them after the event. These are paid for by parents or the Group.

Advancement and Interest badges

The objective of all camps in Scouting is for children to become more independent, learn new skills and have fun. Badges are secondary, but the Little Camper Interest badge is within reach of all. The World Around Us Challenge badge can be attempted on this camp but need not be a focus of activities. Camping is the focus!
Some activities will cover items from the Hiking and Healthy Eating Challenge badges and the Cooking Interest badge. It is up to the Den Scouter to keep track of items achieved and to award relevant badges later.

Camp Overview

To view the camp schedule and suggested activities download the National Meetkat Camp Overview HERE.