Senior Scout Adventure 2024 in the Cederberg

Message from Conrad Thomas, Senior Scout Adventure Treasurer

As the dusk of Senior Scout Adventure 2022 memories starts to fade, we can now look forwards to a new dawn soon with the Senior Scout Adventure 2024 in the Cederberg from the 12th to the 23rd December 2024.  Three days longer, more adventure, more cool activity bases and an exceptional opportunity for Scouting fellowship and camaraderie in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape.

The cost for the 2024 Adventure will be announced in December 2023 however, as a guide, the 2022 Adventure cost was R4,600 but of course it is necessary to bear in mind that the 2024 Adventure is three days longer and the increase in costs, has to be considered.  So this announcement presents an early and ideal opportunity for Groups, Troops and Patrols to start budgeting for the 2024 Adventure experience and kick off those fundraising activities.

Past Adventure 2022 participants, spread the news of your awesome Adventure experience to all your Scouting peers and colleagues 15 years old and older, and let’s all make the Senior Scout Adventure circle bigger… and SAVE THE DATE!

The Adventure continues …….