We are LEVELLING UP our communication with you!

As announced on the 16th of May 2023, we have heard your concerns around our internal communication channels and have sought a better way to communicate directly with you.

Considering the protection of your data, and in striving to use the best technology we can afford, we are now moving forward with the D6 Business Communicator App as our additional internal communication tool for SCOUTS South Africa!

As per SCOUTS South Africa’s POPIA Policy, we are continuing to advise all our members of our plans to use your data within the D6 Business Communicator App.

The parents among you might know D6 as the School Communicator App (blue). However, D6 also has a Business Communicator App (red) which would allow organisations of our size to use the App to enhance their stakeholder communication on a safe, structured and POPIA compliant platform. https://d6.co.za/privacy-policy/.

How will it work?

The SCOUTS SA D6 Business Communicator App will be a private / closed communication tool with various communication groups. This means that people cannot sign up to the App without being a registered member of SCOUTS South Africa on Scouts.Digital. To be added to the platform after the initial data input, the main administrator will need to add the person to the system. Currently the App is only available for cell phones.

There will be various communication groups that will focus on specific Regional or National branches to enable more targeted communication. For example if you are a Den Scouter in KZN, you will be on the KZN Meerkat Adult Leaders communication group and will only receive information relating to your Scout experience. If you are a Scout or Cub parent in Gauteng, you will receive information through the GT Cub parents or the GT Scouts & Scout Parents communication group. There will also be groups for Regional ALT teams, National or Regional Leadership Teams, National SSA Youth Influencers, etc.  Based on your role on SD, you will be assigned to a communication group.

We have reviewed the practicalities on phasing in D6 since May and will now only include members and parents that are registered on Scouts.Digital. Therefore, we will be driving the sign up to SD in the coming months to ensure no Adult Leader or parent gets left behind and is not able to receive updated communication on programmes, opportunities, competitions and more!

What will be required from you?

If you are currently using the blue D6 School Communicator App, you will now also be able to get SCOUTS SA’s messages on the same App.  You will get a message to accept the communication group(s) you have been assigned based on your role on Scouts.Digital. All you need to do is accept it.

Those who don’t have the Blue D6 App, will receive a message, and be prompted to download the red D6 Business Communicator App and then accept the communication group(s) you have been assigned based on your role on Scouts.Digital.

You will have the option to unsubscribe from the communication groups and the D6 Business Communicator App at any time through the App itself. For queries or concerns, please email info@scouts.org.za