Join the Regional Awards Committee #volunteerrecognition

As the Eastern Cape South Region, we want to recognise our volunteers for the amazing work they do! So, we are putting together a Regional Awards Committee consisting of one Scouter per District in our Region.

The functions of the Committee will be aligned to SCOUTS South Africa’s Award Procedures, Therefore the Committee will be required to:

  • Receive Award Applications from within the Region and deliberate with the Committee on the Award best suited.
  • Gather, if necessary, further information from members in the Region via email or phone calls – to be conducted within 14 days of application.
  • Once all the required information is obtained, make a recommendation on the application form, and refer to the RC for endorsement. If endorsed, the RC will send it to the National Awards Committee (NAC) for further deliberation.
  • Once the Award has been finalised, the Regional Awards Committee will be notified of the outcome and will be required to notify the proposer of the Award of this outcome.
  • Awards will be presented in each Region or as determined by the Regional Commissioner.
  • For the Eastern Cape Region, this is normally on Founders Day (BP Sunday) each year.

The Regional Awards Committee roles are voluntary positions. To apply, please complete this application form, and send it together with your Scouting CV to no later than 5 December 2023. Hardcopies maybe dropped off on Tuesdays or Fridays at the Regional Office.