Get ready for the 2nd Africa Rover Moot 2026!

Dear Scouting Members,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with anticipation for the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. As we continue to strive towards our strategic goals and objectives, we are thrilled to share an update regarding the 2nd Africa Rover Moot on our horizon.

In 2026, SCOUTS South Africa will be hosting the 2nd Africa Rover Moot that promises to be a highlight on our organisational calendar. This gathering will be an opportunity for us to come together as members of SCOUTS South Africa and other Rovers/Scouts from Africa and abroad.

Moots provide a chance for young Adults (18 to 25 years) in Scouting to meet and take part in activities that enable them to become active global citizens. Individuals who are 26 years of age and older can support the delivery of the Moot as International Service Team members.

Events such as the Moot are high-profile opportunities to bring our Movement together in a unique, safe and educational environment where young people and volunteers can participate in Scouting activities, develop new skills, build friendships, and learn about different cultures.

While details are still being finalised, rest assured that the National Team has been working tirelessly to ensure that this event surpasses all expectations. From engaging key stakeholders to interactive meetings and other background work, we are committed to creating an unforgettable experience for every one of you!

In the coming months, you can expect regular updates as we would have appointed a committee by then. The committee will unveil more information about the event, including dates, venue, and registration details.


  • In 2022, after a successful bid to host the 2nd Africa Rover Moot in 2026. SCOUTS South Africa was appointed to host the 2026 Moot by the 18th Africa Scouts Conference.
  • During the National Lekgotla in 2023 the Manco and Regional Commissioners Forum were presented with an overview timeline, as seen below.
  • Meeting with the likely venue, Arrowe Park Camp Committee to confirm infrastructure required to host the Moot. Certain facilities will have to be upgraded to host an event of this nature for approximately 1000 Rovers, so the Camp Committee is working on a development plan to be presented to and approved by the Gauteng Region soon.
  • A questionnaire has been sent out, canvasing NSO’s in Africa, to determine the most suitable timing – either April or July/August, to organise an event that is tailor-made to the best of everyone’s desire.
  • A project plan will be presented to SSA’s Manco in February for comments, subsequent to that we will share a detailed timeline with the rest of the membership.

2nd Rover Moot Organising Committee vacant roles:

  • Activities Portfolio – More about the role HERE.
  • Chair – Organising Committee – More about the role HERE.
  • Finance Portfolio – More about the role HERE.
  • Marketing and PR Portfolio  – More about the role HERE.

Rovers and adult members of SCOUTS South Africa who wish to apply for a role above can complete the Role and Warrant application or nominate someone by filling in the Nomination Form. Please submit your application and Scout CV at by the 1st of March 2024.

The rest of the committee roles will be established, advertised and appointed as we move forward, and we have confirmation of the plan for the hosting venue.

Timeline as shared with RCs and Manco in 2023:

Action Timing
Advertise Organising Committee roles, interview and appoint team. February – March ‘24
Organising Committee / Teams begin their work.  Quarterly progress review meetings with CS, CC, CEO (June, Sept, Dec) April –December ‘24
Initial awareness / publicity campaign and marketing materials launched July ‘24
Final budget, participation fees, funding requirements etc, approved by Manco. September ‘24
Organising Committee / Teams continue their work.  Quarterly progress review meetings with CS, CC, CEO (March, June, Sept, Dec) January – December ‘25
Implement ‘Participation Campaign’ to encourage sign up and payment of fees March – Dec ‘25
Implement ‘trial run’ to stress test the venue – National Rover Moot (timing TBC) September ‘25
Final payment of fees / confirmation of final participant numbers January ’26
Host a successful Africa Rover Moot April / July-August ‘26

Your input and feedback are invaluable to us, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any suggestions or ideas you may have. Please reach out to the Chair National Rover Programme by email at

As we look ahead with excitement and anticipation! Let’s continue to work together towards our shared vision, knowing that our collective efforts will lead to a great Moot . Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our organisation.

Opening 1st Africa Rover Moot in Kenya April 2023. Photo by Enrique Leon