Are you ready for D6?

Are you a Meerkat, Cub, or Scout parent? Are you a volunteer in a Den, or a Pack or Troop? Are you a Rover? Well we have exciting news for you!

Tomorrow – Africa Scout Day – we are launching the new internal Communication Channel for SCOUTS SA on the well established and respected D6 Business Communicator App.

How will it work?

Based on your role on Scouts.Digital, adult Scout members, Scout parents, Scouts and Rovers have been assigned to Regional branch specific communication groups, e.g. if you are a Den Scouter in KZN, you will be on the KZN Meerkat Adult Leaders communication group and will only receive information relating to Meerkats in KZN. If you are a Scout or Scout parent in Gauteng, you will receive information through the GT Scouts & Scout Parents communication group.  Etc. There are also communication groups for Regional ALT teams, National or Regional Leadership Teams, National SSA Youth Influencers, etc.

What will be required from you?

When downloading and signing into the App with the email address you used to become a SSA member, you will find your communication groups ready and waiting for you to accept them on the App.

I’ve got the Blue School Communicator App

If you are currently using the blue D6 School Communicator App, you will now also be able to get SCOUTS SA’s messages on the same App.  You will get a message to accept the communication group(s) you have been assigned based on your role on Scouts.Digital. All you need to do is accept it.

I don’t have the D6 App on my phone

Those who don’t have the Blue D6 App, will receive an email in which the message will prompt you to download the red D6 Business Communicator App and then accept the communication group(s) you have been assigned based on your role on Scouts.Digital.

I want to unsubscribe

You will have the option to unsubscribe from the communication groups and the D6 Business Communicator App at any time through the App itself.  So you will need to download the App and unsubscribe yourself from the communication groups. For queries or concerns, please email