1st Vincent Scout Troop Launch

18 April 2024 will be a day to be remembered by 1st Vincent Scout Group as the day a very long dormant troop was re-started.

This new troop did not come from nowhere. 1st Vincent Scout Group having been going since 1991, with the Cub Pack enjoying an uninterrupted run. The Scout Troop has had some ups and downs, with more downs than ups.

Since 2019, the Cub Pack has produced 11 Leaping Wolves. There was a need to allow these Cubs to venture further on their Scouting journey. Thus the 1st Vincent Scout Troop was dusted off, given a new paint job, and a brand-new engine.

The shiny bright new Troop was not completely alone at their first full meeting. Amazing encouragement was given from the 2nd Gonubie Rovers, not only with their presence, but also with their words of inspiration. The nine young Rhino Patrol members were filled with awe at what long term dedication and commitment to the Scout journey could produce.

Excitement was in the air, and with some trepidation, the new Scout Troop had their first meeting. With some parents looking in from the side line, the Troop started to knit together, old friendships and new ones been ignited.

Seeing Rhino Patrol trying to untangle themselves from the human knot game, and getting more tangled in the process, only brought home the fact that friendship is key.

Messages from parents after the meeting:

A mom: my daughter is so unbelievably excited about 1st Vincent Scouts. Something really struck a chord, and I only realised it last night. There was such a feeling of family within the group. That is the big difference in everything.

From one of the dads: these pictures made my day. Thank you to everyone involved. The happiness on my daughter face in these pictures speaks volumes.

Another mom: my son has not stopped talking about it.

As an adult leader, it is very sobering when one realises that we, as Scouters, are entrusted with other peoples children. An honour and privilege that cannot be taken lightly.

Creating a safe and secure environment, where family and relationship is the glue that enables the young adults to develop into the adults the world needs for tomorrow.

They are the seeds of great trees that have roots deep into the Scout Promise that one day will provide shade for the world when the storms come.

Craig du Plessis
Troop Scouter
1st Vincent Scout Group
Cape Border District