The Knowledge Foundry

At our Region’s SGL Roundtable last year, a hope was expressed that we might be able to establish a Regional Museum.

This hope has become a reality with the appointment of the Regional Co-Ordinator – Heritage, Dr Coleen O’Brien. She has a keen interest in all aspects of heritage with a BA (Hons) degree in History. She is a qualified librarian and has experience of working in a specialized library.

Dr O’Brien has expressed that the plan is not merely to establish a Regional Museum. Rather, it is establish a Resource Centre and Archive at Eastern Cape Scout Headquarters – to which the Regional Commissioner is trying to coin the term “Knowledge Foundary”!

Groups with any artifacts or memorabilia related to their history are requested to notify Dr O’Brien for record-keeping purposes – please contact your District Commissioner who will assist you in making contact. Note that there is no intention to remove any Group’s items! Rather, this crucial exercise it is to assist her in establishing a record of what heritage the Region has.  However, if Groups have any concern about storage of any historical items, they can be transferred to Headquarters for safe-keeping.

Kind regards,
Neil O’Brien
Regional Commissioner
Eastern Cape South