HV Marsh Award For Scout Journalism 2020

Message from HV Marsh Judge Panel

As many Scout Groups experienced vastly reduced activities during the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been decided to revise the entry criteria for the popular HV Marsh Award for Scout Journalism for 2020. This year’s competition will now be decided on ANY two submissions produced during the 12 month period, ending December 31, 2020. This may be newsletters or it could be the website showing up to date information on activities during the year.  This will allow Groups, who were unable to hold regular meetings and thus experienced a paucity of good material for publication, to catch up and still qualify for the Award.

What is the HV Marsh Award?

Founded in 1963, the prestigious HV Marsh Award attracts entries from Scout Groups throughout the country. The basic philosophy behind the Award remains the encouragement of journalism and the promotion of effective communication within the Scouting community.

Besides the main trophy – a magnificent Kudu horn carrying the names of the previous winners – runners up qualify for Gold or Silver certificates.

Judging criteria:

The judging criteria of the individual entries will remain the same, taking into account: the variety of the content; the value of the information contained therein; the layout of the digital newsletter or page design of the printed product; the actual personal involvement of individual Scouts (Patrol reports etc.) and the correct branding used for the publications.

To submit:

  1. For digital newsletters/websites please send the link with the completed application form.
  2. For hardcopies please scan the documents and email them with the completed application form.

All submissions need to reach info@scouts.org.za by 15 January 2021.

Find the application form here: HV Marsh application form_Nov 2020
Further information can be obtained via info@scouts.org.za