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Lists are aimed at adult volunteers including Rovers, Scouters, Helpers, District and Regional teams, Scouting event organisers, in short, all volunteers who want to stay informed.

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To unsubscribe, use the “Unsubscribe or edit options” button at the bottom of that page.


Regional teams are encouraged to send information to the appropriate lists. These mailing lists are used for news and announcements within SCOUTS South Africa, and are not a discussion forum, nor a forum for third party advertising. The National Office shares national announcements to each Regional list once or twice a month.

The lists are moderated, which means if you send a message to the list, it will be checked before it is sent to the list members. This implies that there may be a delay before the moderator releases the message. Certain people who need to send regular messages may be given access to do so without prior moderation.

Messages sent to the lists do not represent the opinion of SCOUTS South Africa, but are the responsibility of the author of the message.

Mailing list rules:

  • Only Scouting-related notices are allowed.
  • Only registered members may send messages to the list.
  • When posting to the list, do not CC the message to other addresses.
  • If a message is posted to more than one mailing list simultaneously, please use the BCC field for the list addresses.
  • The Scout Law applies at all times.
  • The Popia Policy applies at all times.
  • We reserve the right to remove any list member who abuses a mailing list.

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