Scout Board’s message of gratitude to Chief Scouts

Message from Scout Board Chair Dr Trueman Goba

Today the tenure of Dr Brendon Hausberger as our Chief Scout comes to an end.

chief scout Brendon Hausberger

Brendon, on behalf of the Scout Board, our members, volunteers, leadership teams, and our staff, I would like to recognise the immense contribution that you have made to the Scout Movement in South Africa and feel proud for having worked with a person of your calibre, whose dedication, perseverance, and exemplary leadership makes one proud as a South African.

During your term as Chief Scout, you were integral in driving the implementation of the Strategic Plan which enabled the growth of our programmes, the simplification of our structures, and led to improvements in our communications. You also introduced our member engagement forum the “Lekgotla” and through your giving heart, inspired an increase of our community service-orientated initiatives. Behind the scenes, the continuous mentorships that you provided as Chief Scout, combined with your willingness to innovate while learning and interacting with members at all levels within the organisation were examples of how you drew everyone along, even through the testing and unprecedented Covid 19 period.

We acknowledge and are grateful for your time and service as the Chief Scout of South Africa and wish you all the best with your future endeavours. We know that you will continue to be part of Scouting, immediately with roles such as that of Chair of the World Scout Ethics Committee, and as a member of the World Scouting Safe From Harm workstream. Wherever you go we are confident that you will keep us proud through what you will be doing, and look to hear more from and about you.

I now also welcome our incoming Chief Scout Mr Khonzaphi Mdaka. We thank Khonzaphi for taking over the helm of South Africa’s Scout Movement at this time and look forward to continuing with the growth and development of all current and future members under new leadership from him.

Yours in Scouting,

Dr Trueman Goba,
Chair Scout Board